Park Rules

The Nations Park Experience

To provide a higher caliber of play for “The Future Stars of Tomorrow.”
By stepping up to the plate at Nations Park, every player will leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment, regardless of outcome.

The Mission of Nations Park

Providing a baseball and softball experience….. For players who have love and passion for the game.

  • By visiting the City of Gainesville and Newberry, Florida
  • By meeting and playing against other players from around the country
  • By reaching within themselves to fulfill their love and passion for the game

2014 Rules of Nations Park

Rules violations may result in suspension of play and/or revocation of tournament invitations.

  1. Coaches must be in visual and verbal contact with their team members at all times.
  2. Teams must stay together as a unit. Individuals are not to wander around Nations Park.
  3. Each Coach on the roster is responsible for the safety of their players and must know their whereabouts at all times.
  4. No pets are allowed on Nations Park property.
  5. No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, Heelys (wheeled sneakers) or motorized personal transportation devices (Segways) allowed on the Nations Park property.
  6. Restricted Area signs are posted throughout Nations Park. Do not enter Restricted Areas.
  7. No sitting/standing on Nations Park stone walls.
  8. Safety comes first at all times. No horseplay or roughhousing of any kind is permitted at Nations Park.
  9. No bare feet are allowed at any time.
  10. No Tobacco, Sunflower Seeds, or Shelled Nuts of any kind!
  11. No profanity, no fighting.
  12. No standing or sitting on stadium walls, running or crossing through grassy areas. Stay on the walkways! We ask all guests to respect Nations Park property and facilities as they would their own home.
  13. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all times and will be confiscated. Anyone possessing alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave the facility.
  14. Outside food or beverages of any kind are not permitted on Nations Park property, in accordance with the Health Department and Homeland Security.
  15. Team coolers are allowed in the dugout for team purposes only. Water and ice for the team must be distributed by the coach. Guests will not be allowed to bring coolers into Nations Park.
  16. Lost and found items: Please bring all items to the Operations Building. (Nations Park is not responsible for lost items!).
  17. Teams and individuals will be held responsible for damage to Nations Park property.
  18. Game balls are provided by Nations Park. All foul balls must be returned to the umpire.
  19. In the event of severe weather, teams will be directed by a Nations Park Director and parents/guests will be directed to their vehicles until further notification.
  20. NO recreational vehicles (RVs) or campers are permitted to park overnight on Nations Park property.
  21. Out of respect for the game, players, and opposing team, please absolutely NO noisemakers (bells, whistles, horns, air horns, etc.).

Parents and family guests of Nations Park assume all risk and danger of personal injury, losses, damages to person or property, and all hazards arising from or related in any way to the events at Nations Park that they are attending. Nations Park is private property with 24-hour surveillance, and management reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the rules and regulations of Nations Park.

Please Note: These rules are not all-inclusive. Common sense should be used at all times. Violations of these rules may lead to team or individual suspension from tournament play and/or Nations Park activities.

Nations Park Concession Stands

Eat at S&K Concessions – open daily from the start of the first game until the end of the last game – Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Nachos, BBQ and Chicken Sandwiches, Pizza, etc.

Items Subject to Change