3n2 Academy Bombers – Charlotte, NC

“Great facility, great thing for the kids, just glad to be a part of [play] for the first and second weeks. Thanks for all of the work [the staff] does, keep it up!”

Eric Warm, Coach – North Florida Select

“It’s been a tremendous experience! [My team has] been fortunate enough to go to Cooperstown twice with a good group of boys, and this is certainly rivaling or equaling that experience. What [Nations Park] has for the future here is unbelievable. Win or lose here, the boys love it, you can’t pull them away – they’d play every week over the summer if they could. The parents and grandparents get just the biggest joy of their lives to see their boys play, and have success, have failure, whatever it is. This is a great opportunity and a great venue to do it in!”

Mike G., Umpire – Tampa, FL

“Enjoying my wonderful time here. [I] just got back from Cooperstown after umpiring there for 2 weeks. Doing another week here at this brand new, beautiful complex! Looking forward to coming back in the future!”

Jeffrey Hakanson, Coach – Palma Ceia Chupacabras – Tampa, FL

“[We are] enjoying the week in Gainesville with Nations Park. The facilities are top notch, the staff is wonderful, [and] the competition couldn’t be better. The boys are having a wonderful time! Looking forward to coming back with another group, we are really enjoying the experience!”