The Newberry Hotel Group

The following Newberry Hotel Group participants will be offering discounted Nations Park rates:

All participating teams must stay with one of our Newberry Hotel Group partners. Team members and families are also required to, and must, stay in the same hotel.

Please have your team contact us directly ….. to support your needs in making your reservations.

Reasons for families and players to stay in the same hotel:

  • Easier to Contact Team and Family Members
  • Convenient for Parents to Carpool and Caravan to Destinations
  • Faster to Communicate Weather Delays
  • Easier to Contact Families for Schedule Changes
  • Faster to Communicate Family Emergencies
  • Easier for Coaches to Relay Messages to Players and Families
  • Promotes Team Camaraderie

Newberry Hotel Group Hotels/Motels ….. will have (Complimentary) Breakfast and a Swimming Pool.

A complimentary amenity package will be provided to each hotel guest at the park courtesy of The Newberry Hotel Group.